Chef - Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus

Bruno Verjus

Two stars Michelin Chef at Restaurant Table, French Loire Inspired Cuisine


“The cold warms me up.... The emotion provided by an ice cream abandoning itself in melting and fresh texture on the tip of the tongue. I like this cold feeling. To quote
well-known French writer Victor Hugo, I would say that the cold is, like the form, the bottom that rises to the surface. The cold warms my heart and soul up!”

The chef's cool recipe


At Table, we only work with scallops from November to February. They come exclusively from underwater harvesting off the coast of Saint-Malo. Real dives, those where the hand brings up a treasure. Each year, I renew this pilgrimage of the senses which ends in the perfect circle of the plate.

In order to restore the intensity of the marine freshness, I only offer shells harvested the day before. I open them only a few seconds before serving them. The blade of the knife slides along the bottom of the hollow shell, cuts the smooth muscle to free the striated muscle... Here is the flat face of the bivalve, a small saucer made to travel in one bite to the iodized shores. Freed from the digestive organs, the gills and the mantle, the walnut shivers.


A quick bath in sea water, then I season it a little but good - quite a philosophy! The simplest is the most obvious: a few drops of olive oil or even a toasted parsley oil, with notes of lively seaweed, one or two grains of salt from the Millac salt mines, opposite Yeu. The frosted diamond of salt, with an almost peppery taste, shines on the pearly nut. Sometimes I adorn it with black truffle - Tuber melanosporum. It shakes off and the thin slice of truffle slides down the side like a sloping roof. The dishes also have their mischief!

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